No Escuro | S. Luiz Teatro Municipal

3 to 6 years old


The journey starts with many questions: Where does the dark live? Where is the dark when we can’t see it? May the dark talk to us? How many monsters fit in a dark room? Stars, vortexes, black holes – all help is needed in this exploration into the center of the unknown.
This show for young audiences is born out of an investigation with children, in order to discover the answer to all these questions (and so many others that do not fit in a synopsis).
Together and always with the light on, we probe fears, find answers and analyze results, in this hyper galactic journey to cyberspace in microspace.

Cast and Creative

Creation, Text and Permormance Raimundo Cosme  Sound Design and Text Conan Osíris Vídeo and Scenic Design Mariana Gomes Costume Design Mariana Sá Nogueira Voices Ana Libório, Cláudia Jardim e Vaiapraia Light Design Sara Garrinhas Head Direction  Raquel Bravo Comunication Direction Beatriz Vasconcelos Production Plataforma285 Coproduction A Oficina, Câmara Municipal de Torres Vedras e São Luiz Teatro Municipal/EGEAC

Plataforma285 is an associeted structure of Cão Solteiro, O Espaço do Tempo e Appleton Associação Cultural /// O Teatro São Luiz/EGEAC é parceiro no Projeto Europeu Teatro(s) Inclusivo(s)/Inclusive Theatres.

Dates and Schedules

5, 6 and 10 June
Saturday and thursday, 16h; Sunday, 11h and 16h

7 to 11 June
Monday to Friday, 10h30 and 14h30

LGP Session

6th june at 11h


Jun 05 2021 - Jun 11 2021