This is a show for young audiences  (preschool age), from “Troca-Tintas” a book by the illustrator Gonçalo Viana,who signs his full authorship in this one,  edited by Orfeu Negro in 2020.This story, set in Aldeia do Muro Pintado, has as protagonists a crown of a tree and a cloud that decide to change positions, becoming a green cloud and a crown of a completely white tree.

In a deep unrest, the villagers, scientists and even the head of the band, try to force the two to return to their original places. They achieve nothing. “The tree and the cloud barely notice the little figures who, with great agitation, try to talk to them. The balloon empties, the peace returns and the village, over the days, learns to accept the new situation”. The Tree and the Cloud seem to have found, in this exchange, the place where they feel really happy. A tale about tolerance and coexistence between different notions of happiness.


Artistic direction and interpretation: Raimundo Cosme •  Text: Gonçalo Viana, Raimundo Cosme • Musical Direction: Van Ayres • Visual Conception: Gonçalo Viana • Costumes: Mariana Sá Nogueira • Producer: Raquel Bravo • Light Design: Sara Garrinhas • Co-production: LU.CA Luis de Camões Municipal Theatre, EGEAC, CAE Sever do Vouga and A Oficina


Presentations: February 2020 LU.CA Teatro Luis de Camões EGEAC; March 2020, Cineteatro Torres Vedras (suspended).