In Os Livros do Rei, David Machado writes and Gonçalo Viana illustrates the story of a prince who ascends to the throne after the death of his father during an earthquake that destroyed the whole city. The prince, a lover of literature, believing that a better world can be created — using the images he kept from his readings —, decides to imagine, design and (even) rebuild his city. This is a performance about rebuilding after destruction, about the chance to dream about impossible things, about architecture, about the absence of impossible things in art and, also, about the role art can play in the construction of tomorrow. A project that lives between literature, theatre and illustration.


Artistic direction and interpretation: Raimundo Cosme • Original Text: David Machado • Musical Direction: Van Ayres • Visual Conception: Gonçalo Viana • Costumes: Mariana Sá Nogueira • Producer: Raquel Bravo • Light Design: Sara Garrinhas • Co-production: S.Luiz – Municipal Theatre, EGEAC, CAE Sever do Vouga and Plataforma285


Presentations: 8th to 14th.Octobre de 2018, S.Luiz- Municipal Theatre • 20th.January.2019, Teatro-cine Torres Vedras • 13rd to 15th .February.2019, CAE Sever do Vouga