It started with great balance. Free from emocional arches and tribal incenses, with no space for post-dramatic theatre or fireworks. Built has a refuge, we could remain there, in this calm space with enough room for our also calm existence, while chosing to be on the edge, of the sea, poorly planted.
It would be an Idea with a happy ending, a gloriouse hole full of even more gloriouse possibilities, exposed in a showcase with not so extensive, brave or satisfactory models.
It would be an open space for dialogue, a mass grave, a great chance in the middle of so many
conventions. It really could have been nothing more but an error. It would have happened this
way, if it had happened.
PASSEVITE dwells in a space above other- that never happened, in a no-man's land, only
fictionalized to be refused.
Grinding the ideias, what do we have left?

Artistic direction, interpretation and text: Raimundo Cosme e Cecília Henriques • Co-creation, sound design and text: Vaiapraia • Co-creation and scenography: Bruno José Silva • Co-creation and prodution director : Raquel Bravo • Prodution assistant: Mafalda Aragão • Co-creation, vídeo and sound design support: Tiago Dias Nunes • Lights design: Sara Garrinhas • Marketing and public relations director: Beatriz Vasconcelos


Artistic residencies: August 2018- O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo), January and April 2019- Cão Solteiro (Lisbon), June 2019- Appleton Gallery (Lisbon)

Presentations: July 2019- 20 to 23 @ APPLETON (BOX)