I’m in the second after the announcement. I sigh and I feel included. “It’s going to start and they depend on me.” Them. The heroes, the ones that arrive through the mist – always the mist. Wonderful. Warful. Ready to strike while I have so much love to give. The show is set and I, at the second after the second, find myself interested – everything seems so interesting! I’m conscious. I’m a master of the art of deciding. Tremors terrify me during the practice of my right. I should intervene. Everything seems so horrible! My fingers hurt. I have so many nightmares with so many effects! And until now, nothing but mediocrity. Not even an inch of blood. Welcome to the game of real life. Of real art. Of the naked art. One day you’re in, the next day you’re out. Auf Wiedersehen! Loveable does not pretend to be admissible, acceptable or bearable. Whether you love it, or contemplate it, we are in a world devoid of discussion. This is a show where responsibility is entirely in the hands of the audience. They decide its progress (maybe even decide its non-beginning). On stage performers, musicians, and cherries on top contest their “airtime”, inciting the public to adore. They fight for their interest. Loveable wants to be interesting – and does that really matter? Originally co-founded by Raimundo Cosme and Cecília Henriques, Plataforma285 (now with two other accomplices ), is a company that owes its name to the budget assigned to the creation of its first show, in 2011.


Artistic direction and dramatic text: Raimundo Cosme • Interpretation and co-creation: Cecília Henriques, Isabelle Coelho, Nuno Violante, Paula Sá Nogueira e Paulo Lages. • Singer/Artista Convidada: Filipa Ferreira • Special Participation: Kiko is Hot • Musical Direction, co-creation: Isabelle Coelho • Scenic Space and co-creation: Rosana Pereira • Costumes and co-creation: Marta Passadeiras • Producer: Mariana Sá Marques • Light Design: Daniel Worm d'Assumpção • Multimedia Direction: João Ferreira • Video and Sonoplastic: Tiago Nunes • Vídeo Maker: Pedro Pacheco • Co-production: Culturgest e Plataforma285


Artistic Residence: Abril de 2016, Cão Solteiro(Lisboa); Maio de 2016, O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo)

Presentations: 24 a 28 de Junho de 2016, Culturgest- Fundação Caixa