In the beginning, there was nothing. Caos took over what hadn't been shaped yet and Menkind, still in to be, was barbaric and unhappy. This noon existence of the "what is to come" exploded, and chaos gain shape and the verb became the word. World. Europe. Portugal. And here we are, "the noble people", carrying the weight of the idea that we are too great, and must be constantly reminded so that we don't forget - that's the important thing, not to forget. But "if the future is in Gods hands", then" the past is gone". And if the past is behind us, here we are, the Portuguese of today to tell you about "the yesterday", or at least to tell you about what we know of "the yesterday", or what we remember of what "the yesterday" might have been. " I wanted to know who I am, what I am doing here". But maybe I just don't remember..." The right to remember is not amongst the human rights consecrated by the United Nations, still today, more than ever, it is necessary to claim it and to put it into action: (...) not so that the living became the ventriloquists of the dead, but so that we are able to speak with uncondemned voices to the lost echo of stupidity and misfortune. When it is truly revived, memory does not contemplate history, it propelled to make history. (Eduardo Galeano, in De Pernas pro ar. A Escola Do Mundo ao Avesso).


Artistic direction and dramatic text: Raimundo Cosme • Interpretation and co-creation: Cecília Henriques e Raimundo Cosme • Creation Support: Raúl Boino • Photography Rita Chantre • Video: Luís Lucas Lopes •Light Design: Raimundo Cosme e Rita Chantre • Executive production: Cecília Henriques • Suportes: Teatro Turim; Junta de Freguesia de Carnide; 112 Studios; Copidouro


Presentations: May.2013, Teatro Turim (Lisbon), Septembre.2013, Teatro da Terra (Ponte de Sor)