Facing a mediocre image, I take my place. I feel the real and it bothers me.Nothing else happens. Time goes by. We vanish.I answer the call. I want to intervene.More than three is considered a crowd - and that's for sure.I see or am seen, we now share intimacy, we forge a relationship, we sing more needed hymns in the now than in any time - and does it matter?" No hay Banda", I riskh it, " No hay orquestra"!I stay here, or I want to stay, or I must stay (I play hypothetically).I repeat codes, I revise letters, rheum images - blessed myopia you have brought me so much joy.You Need Heart To Play This game lives in a closed receptacle about to collapse. The image is clear but the analog is invisible to the eye.


Co-artistic Direction, Performance and Dramatic Text: Raimundo Cosme • Co-artistic Direction and Co-creation: Cecília Henriques • Co-creation and Video: Noëlle Georg • Co-creation and Scenic Space: Gabriel Barbi • Co-creation and Costumes: Marta Passadeiras • Video and Sonoplastic Assistance: Tiago Nunes • Light Design: Daniel Worm d’Assunção • Co-creation and Producer: Mariana Sá Marques • Co-creation and producer assistance: Mafalda Vaz de Amaral • Co-creation: Francisco Valle • Musical Direction: Dj Pastilhado, Filipe Sambado, Ježek&Kurepa, Primeira Dama, Nivea-San, Tiago Nunes, Vaiapraia e as Rainhas do Baile, Van Ayres • Photography: Bruno José Silva • Co-production: Maria Matos – Municipal Theatre, EGEAC, Temps d’Images e Plataforma285


Artistic Residences: Septembre.2016 and Septembre.2017, O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo) • January to October .2017, Cão Solteiro (Lisbon) • Novembre.2017 to January.2018, Clube Português de Artes e Ideias (Lisbon)

Presentations: 22nd to 25th.February.2018, Maria Matos – Municipal Theatre (Lisbon)