It could start like this: on a sunny afternoon, at Madame Cici Henrique's superb auction house, by the mesmerizing Champs-Élysses, a group of intellectuals and modern art collectors, anxiously await the auction of the masterpieces that had already been shown in the catalog. If this was how it started, the rules would be:

1st - Dress according to the environment, time and location of the event.

2nd - Be on time. This is the basic rule of any social event.

3rd - Register so that you can bid.

4th - Avoid alcoholic beverages, especially if you intend to make any purchases.

5th - Be clear about the value of your bid

6th - Your bids must be adequate to the value of the item

7th - Never, in any case, make an offer beyond your financial possibilities.

It could start like this. This could be the story of an international auction house dedicated to the selling of exceptional works of art. But no. This really isn't a story. The "artwork" isn't really exceptional. The "artwork" isn't even finished. And, "le plus belle Champs Elysées..." The best thing to do now is to start over. Perhaps in a synthetic manner. Perhaps in a commercial add format: "Today auctioning at the time and place mentioned below, the next play from the Theatre Company Plataforma285." Leilão is not a retrospective. Leilão is not a motive for celebration. Leilão is not a rescue warning. It is a big possibility. Make your best offer to have this show on your showroom.


Artistic direction, dramatic text and performance: Raimundo Cosme • Interpretation and co-creation: Bárbara Branco, Cecília Henriques e Isabelle Coelho • Musical Direction, co-creation and Vídeo Maker:: Isabelle Coelho • Scenic Space and co-creation: Rita Anahory •Scenic space support: João Paulo Serafim • Consultoria de Figurinos: Mariana Sá Nogueira • Graphic Designer: Alexandre Cruz Neves• Supports: Cão Solteiro; Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações; Teatro do Vestido • Funded: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


Artistic Residence: Novembro de 2013, Teatro do Vestido (Lisboa)
Presentations: Decembre.2013, Cão Solteiro (Lisbon), January.2016, Teatro Municipal S. Luiz (Lisbon), ciclo Estar em Casa