In the beginning a narrative. Classical as you wish. No. In the beginning, the normality. And every day we continue existing. But one day, coming from somewhere else, the chaos. The danger. The imminence of a common place or is it the imminent as a commonplace. Up to you. Set? Of War. But there is no time. It is the beginning of the end. Apocalipse. Now? A vague synopsis or a good escape plan? We don’t know for sure. We may never know!Something is wrong in the kingdom of ... (stop! Twentieth commandment: thou shall not quote). It is from the universe of science fiction and B movies that the 6th creation of Plataforma 285 is born. As a space of intersection between cinema and theater, between conceptuality and the mainstream that is, in its essence, a reflection about the meaning of art. Mimesis Mortalis is not a study for a movie. Mimesis Mortalis is not a major project about a minor art. Mimesis Mortalis is an experience. A post-dramatic trash sci-fi of Z series show where, for the lack of plot, the heroes save themselves.


Artistic Direction and Performance: Raimundo Cosme • Co-creation and Performance: Cecília Henriques, Luís Magalhães, Sara Barros Leitão • Musical Direction and Interpretation: Isabelle Coelho • Scenic Design: Rosana Pereira and Rita Anahory • Costumes: Marta Passadeiras • Dramaturgical support: Ricardo Oliveira • Supoorts: Lx Factory; Alkantara; Temps Dimagens; Sola do Sapato; Copyspot; Cão Solteiro; Zeapop; Causas Comuns; Teatro do Vestido; O Chão de Oliva • Funded by: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


Artistic residence: January to Septembre. 2014, Cão Solteiro (Lisboa); Outubre 2014, Teatro do Vestido (Lisboa).

Presentations: 13rd to 30th. Novembre de 2014, Espaço ZOOT - LX Factory