She has the Professional Arts course of Chapitô, where she has studied with, Ávila costa, Jorge Silva Melo, Francisco Salgado, Bernardo Gama, among others. She worked regularly, has an actress ,during the years of 2006 and 2009, wih the theatre company Artistas Unidos runned by Jorge Silva Melo. In Theatre, she also worked with the directors: Franzisca Aarflot, Solveig Nordlund, John Romão, Vasco Araújo, André Godinho, Cão Solteiro e André Teodósio. In 2011 she created the theatre company Plataforma285 where she works till the date, as a director and actress. Wih this company she has created 7 shows. In film making she worked, as an actress wih the directors: Alberto Seixas Santos, Gonçalo Luz, Solveig Nordlund, André Pradal and Cácá Diegues. On TV she worked as an actress at “Lua Vermelha” (SIC),”Maternidade”(RTP1),”Benvindos a Beirais”(RTP1) with the Portuguese producer SP Televisão. She has attended Robert Castle’s(International Theatre of New York) Method workshop, beeing now at stage II. She attended the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema.

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